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  • 6:45am
    Registration and Breakfast  
    Length: 60 minutes
  • 7:30
    Length: 15 minutes

    Get the "lay of the land" from ABYC President John Adey and prepare yourself for a day of professional development and networking.

    John Adey
  • 7:45
    Case Study #1: Warren V. Shelter Mutual
    Length: 90 minutes

    On May 7, 2005, 20 year-old Derek Hebert died in a boating accident. A law suit was filed, but it was far from an open and shut case. It took 10 years to resolve. Hear from the defense lawyer, the government investigator,  and the defense expert directly involved in this complicated case study involving a defense verdict, another trial, and two appeals   The panelists will each present their roles in the case and the unusual twists and turns of this multi-million dollar trip through several courthouses.

    Kiko Villalon, Ancon Marine Consultants; Walter Laird, FORCON Intl;
    David Frohn, MG+M Law
  • 9:30
    The Mock Deposition
    Length: 75 minutes

    Watch as our expert witness is deposed by two attorneys looking to elicit responses to help their case and/or discredit the expert. Trickery, deception, and Jedi mind tricks are all part of this presentation designed specifically to help experts (and attorneys) avoid common tricks and tactics used to confuse and misdirect the expert witness.  Our speakers have been there, done that. You will learn from true experts, who will keep you entertained while providing valuable information.

    Christina Paul, K&L Gates; Raúl Chacon, MG+M Law; Wendy Sanders, Jensen Hughes
  • 10:45
    The Expert Witness
    Length: 75 minutes

    This session will offer foundational information needed by anyone who is or aspires to be an expert witness and those who work with them.  Topics such as Federal Court qualifications, Standards for exclusion, and case examples that will offer insight and tips to help you be successful.

    Katie Matison, Lane Powell
  • 12:00
    Length: 45 minutes

  • 12:45
    Tools of the Trade
    Length: 60 minutes

    When it comes to working a case, the tools and proper gathering and use of data can be the difference between winning and losing.  Take an in-depth look at some of the common tools and resources used to effectively research a case.

    Arthur Faherty, Robson Forensic
  • 1:45
    Case Study #2: Wolkowicki V. Creative Yacht Management, LLC
    Length: 90 minutes

    What happens when sophisticated products are not maintained by a dealer trained technician?  Compounded by an improper repair, three individuals died in May 2014.  The resulting $27.9 million-dollar lawsuit is the focus of this case study.  With 3D animation, questionable experts, and manufacturer involvement, this case study has something for everyone.  Join the attorney, expert witness, and factory expert as they walk-through the many facets of this unfortunate event

    Dawn Beery, Benesch LLP;  Greg Davis, DMCA LLC;
    Pete Chisholm, Mercury Marine
  • 3:30
    Law Enforcement as an Expert
    Length: 60 minutes

    Back by popular demand, Matt Majors will walk through the role of law enforcement as an expert witness.  What tools do they have at their disposal?  Is their approach to the accident and eventually the witness stand different than yours?  Always informative and entertaining, Majors will shed some light on the role of law enforcement

    Matt Majors, Program Manager NASBLA Boating Accident Investigation Program
  • 4:30
    Wrap Up
    Length: 30 minutes
    Join moderator John Adey in a discussion of the symposium topics during a Q&A session with our distinguished speaker panel.
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Jan. 8, 2019