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  • 6:45am
    Registration and Breakfast  
    Length: 45 minutes

    Check-in and enjoy coffee, juice, and continental breakfast.  

  • 7:30
    Length: 15 minutes

    Get the "rules of the road" from ABYC President John Adey and prepare yourself for a day of professional development and networking.

    John Adey
  • 7:45
    Case Study #1: Total Loss Fire on Italian Yacht
    Length: 90 minutes

    A major fire involving a foreign built vessel originating at an isolation transformer with oversized breakers. Determination of the cause took many months and involved traditional survey techniques, scientific inspection, and technical analysis of the electrical components. As the investigation process advanced, certain parties were removed from the litigation and the insurers rearranged their legal representation. The panel will examine the case timeline, forensic evidence, and facts presented for trial proving who would be responsible for this large loss.

    Raul Chacon, MG+M Law; Christopher Karentz, S-E-A Limited
  • 9:30
    Case Study #2 - The Black Case
    Length: 75 minutes

    Engineering changes are a part of everyone’s business. Proper documentation detailing changes to fit, form, and/or function play a vital role in product defense. Recent cases and litigation against GM, Toyota, and pharmaceutical companies have changed the culture of today’s verdicts.  
    Join two industry professionals as they review a milestone marine product’s case - showing the importance of sustaining engineering, key document retention, and supplier/vendor approvals.

    Christina Paul, K&L Gates; David Marlow, Brunswick
  • 10:45
    Complex Fire Scene Investigations
    Length: 75 minutes

    A case study of a marina fire, resulting in the loss of 2 human lives, 24 vessels, and much of the marina property.  With over 100 associated parties involved, this case had the complexity of extensive property damage combined with the devastating ramifications of human loss.  This presentation discusses how to handle thorough examinations and associated parties throughout the course of a complicated investigation.

    Robert Kochan & Christopher Graham, Forensic Marine Investigations International
  • 12:00
    Length: 45 minutes

    Enjoy a plated lunch, dessert, and coffee while networking with symposium attendees

  • 12:45
    Selection of the Right Experts for your Fire Science Case
    Length: 60 minutes

    When it comes to working a case, the tools and proper gathering and use of data can be the difference between winning and losing.  Take an in-depth look at some of the common tools and resources used to effectively research a case.
    Fire science cases are simply different than any other types of cases. It is essential to have experts and counsel working on your fire litigation who understand both the fire origin and cause investigation aspect of a claim, as well as how fire science cases are eventually presented to a jury.  Establishing a corps of well-qualified experts and counsel for your fire cases based on definitive elements necessary that subject matter is crucial.  The panel will present information on how to enhance the quality of representation you are getting from your chosen experts and counsel on your fire science cases, and how that can improve your company’s overall position.

    Jason Karasinski, Fire Research & Technology LLC;  Brian Henry, Rolfes Henry
  • 1:45
    Fire Case Studies & ABYC Standards
    Length: 75 minutes

    In the unfortunate event when a boat catches fire, boat systems and design can be of paramount importance. Our expert will review the key findings of three case studies involving fires on recreational watercraft and how the knowledge of ABYC Standards was a critical part of the investigation. You will see real world examples of the how the ABYC Standards, specifically H-2 Ventilation, H-3 Boat Egress, and H-24 Fuel Systems, illuminated each fire investigation and the litigation that followed.

    Wendy Sanders, Explico Engineering Company
  • 3:15
    Case Study #3: The Polar Bear Case
    Length: 75 minutes

    In June 2014, the 102’ yacht Polar Bear struck ground entering the San Diego Harbor.  Once placed on supports in dry-dock, it was discovered that she had sustained severe damage to the steel hull requiring extensive hot work repair. During the cutting, grinding, and welding repairs, the vessel caught fire and after hours engulfed in flames, Polar Bear was destroyed. The panel will analyze the case and walk attendees through the series of unfortunate events.

    Loren Griswold, Griswold Consulting, LLC; Jesse A Grantham, Welding & Joining Management Group
  • 4:30
    Q&A Session
    Length: 30 minutes
    Join moderator John Adey in a discussion of the symposium topics during a Q&A session with our distinguished speaker panel.
Jan. 7, 2020