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  • 7:15am
    Registration and Breakfast  
    Length: 60 minutes
  • 8:00
    Length: 15 minutes

    Get the "lay of the land" from ABYC President John Adey and prepare yourself for a day of professional development and networking.

    John Adey
  • 8:15
    Legal 101
    Length: 30 minutes

    A primer on the language of the litigators and insurance companies.  What is a Daubert Challenge?

    David Rammelt
  • 8:45
    Are you Covered?
    Length: 30 minutes

    Insurance experts and manufacturers representatives will discuss the nuances of the relationships you have (or need) to protect you in the event of a lawsuit or errors/omissions in your reporting.  Find out if the manufacturer you represent has YOU in mind, does your insurance policy have the right stuff to protect you from a lawsuit? What are the conversation starters you need to have with your business partners to make sure you are ready when the customer sues.

    WHO – dealers, manufacturers, surveyors, accident investigators

    Takeaways – Learn insurance terms/limitations, what’s in (or should be) in a contract, where does liability sit, how to assess
    your exposure to lawsuits, how can you (reasonably) protect yourself and your business

    Jeff Smith, Pat Duggan, Todd Lemke
  • 9:30
    First Responders
    Length: 60 minutes

    Listen to marine law enforcement as they walk through the types of accidents they respond to, their responsibilities, their reporting, what experts/attorneys have access to (and don’t have access to), what happens to the boat in question and what will they provide when and if they are on the stand.

    WHO – insurance providers, expert witnesses, surveyors, attorneys, manufacturers.

    Takeaways – Learn when and how accidents are investigated, how officers are trained,  what those involved can legally obtain, find
    out what happens to the boat and when it would be impounded, participate in a Q&A session with a marine investigator

    John Fetterman, Matt Majors
  • 10:30
    Case Study #1: Lady Di Racing Team and Krieger/Clear Marine v. Hatteras, Marine Max
    Length: 90 minutes

    Review substantial warranty claims against the dealer and the boat company including excessive spray, excessive corrosion,
    visibility from the helm, premature electronics failure, improper seakeeping, engine failure and more.  Hear from the attorneys and experts who worked this case from both the manufacturer and the dealer side of the story.

    WHO – insurance providers, expert witnesses, surveyors, attorneys, manufacturers, and dealers.

    Takeaways – This case is a template for how a customer complaint can continue to escalate in to the legal arena and how to deal with it.

    Carrie Plater, Christina Paul, Brant Savander, Raul Chacon
  • 12:00
    Length: 60 minutes
  • 1:15
    Case Study #2: Feliciano Cortes, et. al. v. Sea Fox Boat Company and Davey Marine, LLC
    Length: 60 minutes

    The devil is in the details.  When it comes to manufacturer compliance and adherence to the standards, a better example of the importance of detailed record-keeping cannot be found.  Join a company representative, attorney, and an expert as they discuss how this case is an example of how you might want to look at your manufacturing process.

    WHO - insurance providers, expert witnesses, surveyors, attorneys, manufacturers, and dealers.
    Takeaways - from a manufacturer’s perspective; how to improve quality control at the plant. From an attorney perspective, what will be discoverable during litigation and how we handle that.  If you represent a boat company as a dealer, attorney, or insurance provider, this
    will give you a great primer on the hard questions to ask before you do business.

    Raul Chacon, Robert Taylor, Craig Scholten
  • 2:30
    Case Study #3: Lake Lanier Boat Collision
    Length: 60 minutes

    Hear how the application of the boating Rules of the Road took an interesting turn for a recreational boating accident reconstruction involving two open motorboats, and how state-of-the-art accident reconstruction techniques were utilized to establish boat paths prior to collision. Learn about the legal and evidentiary arguments made regarding the duty of a boat operator to perceive and avoid a collision.

    WHO – insurance providers, expert witnesses, surveyors, attorneys, and law enforcement personnel

    TAKEAWAYS – what information can be used to make your case; advanced and timely methodologies for reconstruction and litigation,
    and how physical evidence and testimony of over 30 fact and expert witnesses was dealt with during the course of almost 6 years to defend a wrongful death claim through trial.

    Joe Angersola and Wendy Sanders
  • 3:30
    Case Study #4: Propeller Guards?
    Length: 60 minutes

    Recent accidents have caused the question of propeller guards to be asked again.  Will they help? Will they cause more harm? Expert analysis of some high profile accidents and discussion from the engineer that designed and carried out the USCG Propeller guard test protocol will have you walking away with an understanding of how to analyze your needs and make an informed decision on using some type of device.

    William Daley, Charlie Simmons
  • 4:30
    Case Study #5: San Diego Sailboat Capsizing
    Length: 60 minutes

    As shown by this multiple-fatality, multiple-personal injury action, maritime law can pose potentially harsh consequences for boat builders and their insurers regardless of the age of the boat. Learn from the defense attorney, expert witness, and
    expert consultant how the application of sound legal and engineering principles can be used to counter these consequences and limit the clients’ exposure.
    WHO - Insurance providers, expert witnesses, surveyors,
    attorneys and manufacturers and dealers.

    TAKEAWAYS – this presentation features a computerized stability analysis developed to disprove harmful eyewitness testimony about the condition of the boat at the time it capsized and the cause of the capsizing.  It also addresses significant warning and boat-operator
    issues, as well as maritime law claims and defenses that manufacturers, insurers, and attorneys should be aware of.

    Randy Moore, Robert Anthony, and Robert Taylor
  • 5:30
    Roundtable Q&A
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Charleston, SC
Francis Marion Hotel
January 9